24th Sep, 2020

The Importance of a Negotiation Lawyer

Thailand has introduced a new law about negotiation or settlements before taking legal action. According to the amendment of the Civil Procedure Code (No. 32) B.E. 2563, the law states that “Before filing the lawsuit, the parties may request the court to appoint a mediator in order to settle the dispute.”

14th Sep, 2020

Property Tax in Thailand

Are you ready to invest in property in Thailand? While there is no doubt that owning property in Phuket, can be lucrative, it is also important to be aware of the property tax in Thailand.

30th Jul, 2020

Owning Property as a Foreigner in Thailand

People interested in a Phuket property investment are likely to be overwhelmed when it comes to owning property as a foreigner in Thailand. While the spectrum may be very broad, as long as you have a good legal team to answer your questions, the process can actually be seamless.

20th Jul, 2020

Thailand Ranks 21st in World Bank Ease of Doing Business Index

Thailand continues to go from strength to strength. The Kingdom has climbed the ranks six places in the annual ease of doing business rankings of the world bank. Thailand has now risen to 21st place in overall global standings, according to the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI). Thailand’s 6-spot surge showcases the dedication of the government to make the country a better place for business and a more lucrative environment for foreign investors.

12th Jul, 2020

Thailand’s New Debt Collection Act

In Thailand, it is not unusual to hear horrific stories of debt collectors tricking debtors into paying obscene amounts of money through giving false information, or even by resorting to abusive language, violence or blackmail. Thankfully, in a well-appointed effort to get rid of such practices, the National Legislative Assembly of Thailand voted on a proposed Debt Collection Act.