Foundations & Associations

The Thai Commercial and Civil Code defines a “foundation” as assets arranged only for the purpose of charity, religion, arts, science, literature, education, or any public interest that is duly registered under the regulations of the law. The Thailand Ministry of the Interior has prescribed the rules and regulations for setting up of foundations through the legislation of The Ministerial Regulations of Regulations, Operation and Registration of the Foundation B.E. 2545 (2002).

An Association on the other hand is a group of people (called Members) who come together for a common purpose. The motive for people to come together is to combine their energy and share resources to create or provide services and programs that they desire for themselves or to give to others.
Section 78 of the Civil and Commercial Code defines the Association as a juristic person, which has been “created for conducting any activity which, according to its nature, is to be done continuously and collectively by persons other than that of sharing profits or incomes earned…”

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