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Our team are fully qualified to give a professional advice and guidance in all matters concerning the completion of your will and the allocation of your property and other assets in the event of your passing.

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Although it never pleasant thinking about such matters, it is great important to ensure that your successors are in order in the unfortunate advent of your demise.

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Information for Clients

Without a will, the law in Thailand will instead determine who inherits your property.

The intestate’s assets must be distributed in accordance with the classes of relations as stipulated in the CCC Section 1629 which are, in order of priority:

Gives you peace of mind and protection that at the time your loved ones are mourning your departure, you have done everything in your power to avoid problems.

A proper will is a guarantee that your wishes will be respected. The last will and testament Thailand let you choose your heirs and clearly outlines your last wishes.

“What we can do for you”

● Divides the estate (specifically) or gives all your asset to someone (general)
● Appoints Administrator of your estate (Executors)
● Elects Guardians for underage Children (Section 1586 CCC)
● Makes gifts of money (pecuniary legacies) or items (chattels)
● Includes specific people (i.e. step-children)

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