Litigation Services

Harwell International has a dedicated team of professionals lawyers and who has experience in civil and criminal case in order to ensure that we are able to cater for a truly international clientele.Working side by side with our team of Thai counterparts, the client can rest assured that their case will be taken care of professionally. Harwell International is able to provide litigation service in the following legal areas:

  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Law
  • Family Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Labor Disputes
  • Intellectual Property Disputes

Information for Clients


Litigation is the process of taking a case to a court of law or carrying on a lawsuit for settling controversies or disputes so that a judgment can be made.

The general courts are ordinary courts which have authorities to try and adjudicate criminal and civil cases.

There are three – tier Court system that classified by their respective methods of hearing cases which comprises the Courts of Justice in Thailand:

Having a mixture of Western and local legal procedures, all legal matters in Thailand are based on the evidences submitted to the courts and damages are awarded but very rarely do they award punitive damages.

The legal process in Thailand is very time consuming and postponements can be up to a year. Dispute resolution is encouraged and many times settlements are reached instead of approaching the courts.

Most common litigation in Thailand:

  • Family Law
    Divorce Litigation and Child Custody
  • Civil Law
    Breach of Contract
  • Personal Injury
    Tort and Medical Malpractice Litigation

What is litigation support services?

Litigation support services refer to a range of specialized services designed to assist lawyers in managing the complex demands of legal cases. These services often include but are not limited to, process serving, legal research, document management and analysis, discovery assistance, evidence and case preparation, and the creation of multimedia presentations for courtroom proceedings. By providing such support, these services enable lawyers to focus on the legal strategy and arguments while ensuring that the administrative and logistical aspects of the case are handled efficiently and effectively.

What is litigation services?

Litigation services, on the other hand, encompass the actual representation and handling of legal cases in court. This includes the preparation and filing of legal documents, representation during court proceedings, negotiations with the opposing parties, and the formulation of legal strategy. Law firm that offer litigation services are directly involved in the pursuit or defense of claims on behalf of their clients, aiming to achieve favorable outcomes through verdicts or settlements. These services are provided by licensed attorneys who are experienced in navigating the court system and advocating for their clients’ interests in various types of legal disputes.

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