Foundations & Associations

The Thai Commercial and Civil Code defines a “foundation” as assets arranged only for the purpose of charity, religion, arts, science, literature, education, or any public interest that are duly registered under the regulations of the law. The Thailand Ministry of the Interior has prescribed the rules and regulations for setting up of foundations through the legislation of The Ministerial Regulations of Regulations, Operation and Registration of the Foundation B.E. 2545 (2002).

Mergers & Acquisitors

There is merger when two companies combine into a single business organisation. On the other hand, an acquisition refers to the process of purchasing another firm. Acquisitions are also known as takeovers and could be both friendly and hostile. During acquisitions, the process could be very complicated and time consuming, but also mergers can be a tedious process. Investors and business partners alike are highly recommended to consult with a professional Thai lawyer who could help you for accomplished result. At Harwell Legal International, we stand ready with our expertise and knowhow on the local market. Allow us to guide you through.

Representative, Branch & Regional Office Registration

To open a representative office seems like the right choice for you. That’s good. However, there are certain conditions that apply to Thai representative offices which require a Foreign Business License. It is important to clarify beforehand what constitutes income and subject to Thai taxes. To fully understand the conditions which pertain to a Representative Office in Thailand, contact any of our Thai lawyers or any of our foreign lawyers to provide you with guidance when considering opening a representative office in Thailand.

US Treaty Of Amity

The US-Thai Amity Treaty, also known as the Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations between the Kingdom of Thailand and the United States of America was signed on May 29, 1966, to give special rights and benefits to American citizens who wish to establish their businesses in Thailand.

Operating Headquarters Registration

To encourage more businesses to establish themselves in Thailand, the Thai government has launched an instrument that provides benefits to investors who have established a regional headquarters in Thailand while performing “qualifying services” to branches or associated companies located inside or outside Thailand. It has been named the Regional Operating Headquarters (ROH).

Business License

Business laws in Thailand reserve certain rights only for Thai nationals. Therefore, foreign investors face certain restrictions when doing business in Thailand.

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