Visa Application

90 Days Visa

The 90-Day Non-Immigrant Visa is an initial visa granted to foreigners for a variety of purposes such as; those wishing to study, for business or investment purposes and those who wish to retire. After a successful application, the holder will be granted a 90-day stay in Thailand from the date of issue stated on the visa. It is possible to extend this for a further 7 days at a local Thai Immigration Office. If all documents meet the required standards, your visa application can be made by mail or in person through the Thai embassy or consulate in your country of domicile. To get the paperwork needed, we gladly offer you our experience.

One Year Visa

Dependent upon the nature of the visa application and purpose of the visit, a foreigner wishing to stay in Thailand for an extended period of time, may be issued with a One-Year Multiple-Entry Non-Immigrant Visa. A one-year visa is valid from the initial issue date stated on the visa and it is possible to extend your stay in the country for a further 90 days either on or before the expiration date.

Business Visa

In order to seek employment or open and operate a business in Thailand, foreigners must procure a Thai Business Visa. This type of visa can be best obtained from your own country. However, business type visas may be extended from within Thailand or outside of the country. That involves a visit to the Thai embassy nearest your location. Getting the paperwork in place from day one, will only fasten the process, and time is often at the essence when wanting to conduct business in Thailand. Allow our legal team to prepare for the application process. We have a proven track record and vast experience in obtaining visas for our clients.

Retirement Visa

Thailand has over the years become a hot spot in Asia for retirement, as the cost of living is low, crime levels are far lower than Europe and the weather is great most days of the year. Many people see Thailand as an excellent place for retirement. The application process for retirement visa in Thailand is pretty straightforward. Over the years, however, this has become a rather confusing subject to many due to the inconsistency in the immigration processes. Allow our legal team at Harwell Legal International to guide you through the process. With our help, your retirement visa is within reach.

Marriage Visa

Unfortunately, it is not possible to directly apply for a Thai Marriage Visa. Certain processes have to be followed before your visa is issued. Please ensure that you adhere to all specific requirements during the application process, as insufficient evidence or information may lead to an unsuccessful application attempt.

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